Whether you’re traveling across campus or across the Atlantic, there are many easy ways to decrease your journey’s impact on the environment. From bikes to buses to the art of the carpool, this page will be a resource for all of your Green transportation needs.
Sustainable Study Abroad

Studying abroad has its environmental impacts, just like living on the Hill does. When you’re leaving St. Olaf to go abroad, think about sustainability when traveling. To learn more, take a look at the Sustainable Study Abroad Brochure. The Green Tags program is a great opportunity too.

Green Tag Travel
Think about reducing your carbon footprint the next time you plan a trip! Travel companies and study-abroad programs often offer trips with carbon offsets built into the price. Many online search sites also provide carbon offsets for your trip as part of the online booking process. By buying offsets (which are usually pretty cheap) you can make an impact.
School Transit
Wondering how you get around off-campus during the year? Northfield Transit, MetroExpress, Break Shuttles, the Local Bus, and Van-Go are all great options.
Updated Ride Board
Welcome to the Go! Northfield ride board. This is a public service for all members of the Northfield community, including those associated with St. Olaf College and Carleton College. Users can post notices requesting a ride or calling for passengers. It can be used for single rides to certain locations, or to schedule regular carpools for commuting or other purposes.
Green Bikes
The Green Bike’s new Rolvaag Checkout Fleet is for use by anyone in the St. Olaf community as part of the campus transportation infrastructure. These 19 bikes are available for speeding you to class on time, down to Northfield and Carleton or further out of town for fun and exercise. For a recent story on the national rise in biking, see this link.