Andrea Michelle Jumes, ’15

Hi fellow Oles!  My name is Andrea and I am a senior from Appleton, WI majoring in Biology with a concentration in Environmental Studies.  Aside from being a SustainAbilities Representative, I am also a member of the Women’s Tennis Team, secretary of the Pre-Veterinary Club, ringer in the Manitou Handbell Choir, and a volunteer at a local humane society.  I just LOVE being outside and some of my favorite outdoor activities include: hiking, biking, gardening, skiing (alpine and nordic), and going on long walks with my dog.  My absolute coolest outdoor experience was being able to snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles, penguins, and hammerhead sharks all in one afternoon through a study abroad experience in The Galapagos Islands.  It was spectacular!  As for my favorite item to reuse, it has got to be old Christmas cards (the actual card kind, not the picture kind).  I learned how to fold them into adorable boxes that are perfect for holding small Christmas gifts, and they can be reused year after year!


Hannah Louise Gelle, ’15

Hey everyone, my name is Hannah Louise Gelle, and I’m from Eden Prairie, Minnesota.  I am a French major with an Environmental Studies concentration, and I love taking History and American Studies courses, too.  Hurray for Liberal Arts! I am also quite involved in the Environmental Coalition, I play Ultimate Frisbee, and I sing in the Gospel Choir.  My favorite outdoor activity is WAY too hard to choose.  Playing camp games, Frisbee, hammock-laying, swimming, running, gardening, sunrise-watching… the list goes on and on, but I guess camping in the Boundary Waters is probably number one.  Nothing beats canoeing up there.  As for my favorite thing to reuse, it is definitely leftovers.  I love making fun food creations so that I never have to waste more scraps than I have to!



Joseph (Joey) Romness, ’16

Hometown: Washington DC
Other Campus Involvements: Campus Bands; I play in a band called Toast.
Coolest outdoor experience/favorite outdoor experience: I really love backpacking through rugged terrain and I’ve gotten the chance to do that in the Andean Mountains, Appalachian Mountains and Rocky Mountains. Hopefully I’ll get to add the Alps or Japanese Alps to that list in the future.
Favorite way to recycle/reuse: I really like upcycling glass bottles in cups and glasses by using bottle cutters and sandpaper to cut them and then smooth them out. Try it sometime, it creates really cool cups for practically nothing!

Kelly Aranchia Meza Prado, ’16

Hola! I am Kelly and I am a Junior. Being from the highlands of Peru, my exposure to adventure sports happened very early in my life in the forms of hiking and rappelling trips. Yet, it was not until I hit the Canadian west coast for boarding school that I began embracing my interest in environmental matters. As a sailor there, I thought I would become some sort of marine scientist. However, in my gap year, working with indigenous people and Bolivian communities I understood that it was Sustainable Development that I wanted to pursue. In my time at St. Olaf I continue doing sports as I run in the cross country team. I also  have been able to implement my own project in relation to greenhouses as an adaptation strategy for  climate change thanks to the Davis Project for Peace Grant. This is my second year being part of the SustainAbilities team. If anything above interests you, feel free to approach me wherever you see me!

Serena May Calcagno, ’17

Hey Oles! My name is Serena and I am delighted to be a SustainAbilities Representative this year! I am a biology major (and possible computer science double major and/or Chinese concentrator) from Santa Cruz, California. When I’m not working with SustainAbilities, I can be found lindy hopping with Swing Club, vice-presiding over the Hill-Kitt Hall council, or singing with Cantorei. My favorite outdoor activity is paddle-boarding on the cold, clear water of Lake Tahoe as the sun rises, but I also love hiking in the redwood forest. I love to give new life to odds and ends like old toy trucks and plastic soda bottles by using them as planters for my deck garden at home!


Ross Nevin, ’17

Hey, I’m Ross! I’m undecided on my major right now though trending towards Economics and Political Science. You may know me as the long curly haired guy who keeps his hair in a weird tube thing. You can find me around campus playing cello in the Philharmonia, skying people on the ultimate frisbee field, and forging a new future for America in our SGA Senate. I’m also an Eagle Scout and my favorite outdoor experience has been watching the sunrise form the peach of the Tooth of Time at Philmont Scout Ranch in the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountains. My favorite thing to recycle is a crushed up soda cap because it is just the right size and weight to shoot into the recycling basket across the room as you shout “Kobe”.