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Student Organizations


There are a wide variety of student organizations. Here is a short description of each with a link to more information.

Biology Club: The biology enthusiast organization, it hosts events, raising awareness, and works to increase student-faculty relationships.

Environmental Coalition: An umbrella organization that organizes environmental activism and awareness action on campus.

Green House: The Green House will be assisting with the promotion of environmental events on campus, hosting events for the Green Hall, and working with the Environmental Conversations program.

Ole Thrift Shop: The Ole Thrift Shop is dedicated to sustainability and entrepreneurship  It collects unwanted items at the end of the year and resells them at a sale in the Fall.

STORP: This organization is located on the 1st floor of Tostrud and checks out camping equipment.

STOGROWThe St. Olaf College Garden Research and Organic Works is a student-run organic farm that produces fresh produce for Stav Hall.

Student Naturalists: The student naturalists help manage the natural lands, lead tours, gather data, and increase awareness about the natural lands on campus.

Wendell Berry House: An honor house project dedicated to building community through local food.