Shopping and Donation

On this page you’ll find resources that can help to jumpstart the process of becoming a more conscious consumer. Being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to give up shopping, it just implies that you’ll think a little harder about what you buy. Investigate the links below to find out how you can donate what you don’t want or need any longer, and where you can sustainably spend those hard earned dollars you’ve been saving.
Fast Fashion
Looking for the next new trend? Be wary. As consumers, we fall prey to fast fashion that is unsustainable, impractical, and not cost-effective. Watch this video to learn more about the industry of fast fashion and how you can shop better.
Local Business Directory
Want to know more about where you are putting your money? Next time you plan a shopping trip, do a little research to see what the businesses you are supporting do with your cash. This local business directory gives you all of the contact information you might need. Too much work? Check out the Eco-labels and Certifications info for more accessible details about your consumption habits.
The Local Joint

The Local Joint sells handmade and vintage items. Business owner Linda Schneewind offers her shop space to artists looking to sell their work, primarily repurposed items, in addition to art and supplies.

Ragstock on Division Street in Northfield
Ragstock Stores have a huge selection of one-of-a-kind recycled items, unique fashion pieces, and fun affordable accessories.
Used-A-Bit Shoppe

Operated by Northfield senior citizens, Used-A-Bit Shoppe is located in River Park Mall on Water Street. It offers a selection of gently used furniture, clothing and accessories, such as kitchen items, linens, tools, home health aids, jewelry, pictures, antiques/collectables, and decorative items.

Ole Thrift Shop

A student founded and run non profit business that collects and re-sells items at St. Olaf. Collections are at the end of the school year and the a sale is in the following fall.

Check it out!


Eco-Labels and Certifications
Greenwashing is defined as a superficial or insincere display of concern for the environment that is shown by an organization (Collins English Dictionary.) Don’t fall for this business trick! Next time you go through your shopping list, check out Better World Shopper for an analysis of the brands that are really the most environmentally friendly.
St. Olaf Extra
Thinking about sustainability, this mailing list can be used (like Craigslist) to find a new home for your old stuff, and to buy things you need at a reasonable price. This list can also be used to announce issues and non-profit Northfield events, many of which are related to sustainability. This list should not be used for commercial ventures.
The Thrifty Parrot

The Thrifty Parrot is a consignment clothing store that features fun and trendy items for sale. It offers a wide selection of gently used apparel for the entire family. The store also sells handbags, scarves, shoes, belts, jewelry and accessories.

Garage Sales
List of Garage Sales in the Northfield Area
Looking for something to do on a lazy evening this week? Need a fun and creative date idea? Check out all of the garage sales around Northfield!
Community Action Center
The Community Action Center operates the Clothes Closet to provide discounted — and sometimes free — clothing and household goods to people in need in the Northfield area. Our neighbors donate gently used clothing, linens and small houseware items for sale at the Clothes Closet. Everyone is encouraged to shop at the Clothes Closet. Profits from sales support the other programs of the Community Action Center.