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Past Sustainability Campaigns 


St. Olaf has a history of environmentalism and grassroots organizing centered on a sustainable future. Here is a brief list of previous campaigns.

Take Back the Tap – Take Back the Tap was a student run organization that was affiliated with Environmental Coalition from 2011-2012. It achieved it’s goal of reducing bottled water consumption on campus by eliminating bottled water from the Cage, the bag lunch line, vending machines, and promoted reusable bottled by prompting the installation of facilities during hall renovations and filling stations in Skoglund Center.

Real Food Challenge – The Real Food Challenge was undertaken by a group of students to document the amount of ‘real food’ (local, organic, fair trade) St. Olaf purchases. Around 30% of our food purchases qualified as real food! It was completed in 2012.

Composting – The composting group was a group that existed from 2010-2012 to bring composting to the residence halls at St. Olaf. They were successful in bringing a pilot program to 1st year halls that taught students how to compost. Unfortunately, the amount of food waste was too high for the hall composters, and the program had to be discontinued. With a reduction of food waste from Stav Hall, it would be possible to open up the Residence Halls to composting.