Green Rooms 

The Green Room program is an integral part of SustainAbilities. In achieving dorm room certification, students are recognized by their peers for their commitment to sustainability shown through their intentional changes in everyday habits active participation in sustainability events, organizations, and classes available on campus.

What is on the application?

The application consists of a series of categories related to sustainability (water use, transportation, etc). Each of these categories has a number of behaviors, and each category has a certain number of behaviors required that must be met. For example, in the electricity category, students must meet 5 out of 7 criteria. We recommend skimming through the application below to get the best idea of the requirements!

What happens when I submit my application

After you submit your application, your respective sustainability representative will receive an e-mail with your responses. After receiving the e-mail they will make sure all the proper criteria have been met and get back to within 3-4 days. After validating your application your sustainability rep will bring you your certificate to put on your door!

Green Room Certification Application

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    Though it would be ideal if students did all of these things, the commitment to half of these criteria are sufficient to gain Green Room Certification.
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