About the Hall

The Green Residence Hall Project is a project meant to start a revolution on campus – an ecological revolution that calls upon students to think twice about the moral ecology of their everyday actions by develop a sense of place and a sense of responsibility for the world around them. It asks them to challenge preconceived notions of basic, everyday functions, and think critically about systems that we live within. It may even ask them to try and change those systems.

The Green Hall – Hilleboe – will incorporate specific environmental programming for residents, green hall certification, annotations around the hall, and different kinds of collaborative activities between the Green Hall students, Environmental Conversations students, and Green House students. We hope that, with these expectations and programming activities, we can build a unique community in Hilleboe Hall that’s learning and living into sustainability.

We want this experience to be unlike any other residence hall experience. The summer CURI students envision an residence hall that builds a community centered around intentionality, sustainability, and engagement. This is an exciting opportunity to build a meaningful and intentional community where students can learn, flourish, and have a great time.

Below is a flyer outlining the program for participants that includes requirements and basic information about the program.

Green Hall Flyer