What class is this for? Who is the prof? What was the assignment?

My project is for Art103 Foundation Three Dimensional Media with Irve Dell. The assignment was to create a sculpture exploring line, plane and volume. We began with creating 12 maquettes, basic physical 3-D sketches of ideas. After discussion, Irve picked 3 of the 12 to go forward in the next step. Each maquette was painted white and then a 2-D element was added. One was meant to follow the form, another to go against the form, and a third to play with the form. Choosing one or two of the final three, we were instructed to go forth with a larger scale sculpture inspired by the maquettes. I started to work with my chosen materials. We had talked about the small scale manipulations of everyday objects. I began to go into the studio to work on my own manipulations. By the end of the project I had about 80. Throughout the process I became intrigued with certain small manipulations which are what developed into the larger installation pieces. In the end I chose about 20 of the small manipulations to display and then worked with the remaining materials to create the installation on the floor.

Why did you choose coffee cups? Of all things…

The maquette I decided to base my project on was partially made out of coffee stirrers from the Cage. I had been inspired by artists’ work seen class related to transforming mundane objects. I started to think about what mundane objects I interact with every day. Coffee cups, stirrers, lids, cozies all came to mind. I am also an Environmental Studies major and wanted to incorporate those interests with my Art major.

How did you get so many cups?How many cups did you get? Did you get more cups than lids, or straws, etc?

Oh my goodness, I don’t know! I would guess somewhere around 400. I think I did get more cups than lids, but generally, the collected cups still had the lids on (and any remains from what had been inside!). I did not collect any straws, but there were plenty of stirrers. A few unexpected items ended up in the bins as well including some creative contributions.I worked with the manager of The Cage and was able to borrow 4 dish buckets to collect the materials. I placed 2 near Norway Valley cafe and 2 outside The Cage. Each bucket had a sign explaining that the materials would be used for a student project. I also used a bucket with a similar sign to collect used stirrers.

Was it a tough medium to work with?

Yes. It stretched my idea of what art and sculpture can be. Often I was asking myself, “What else could a cup be?” I had to keep coming back to that question until it became, “What else could this plane, line, and volume transform into?”

Did anyone in your class think you were crazy? Did Irve think you were crazy?



Do you think she is recycling the extras? Composting? Why do you find Maddie and ask her what she plans to do.