If you haven’t heard Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop” then you probably didn’t catch on when Duy Ha and the SustainAbilities referenced it when creating this amazing event that took place the day before SustainAbility Day. SustainAbilities worked together with many on-campus and off-campus organizations for many weeks leading up to October 24 as we decided what kinds of events we should plan, if we wanted any speakers to come, if there should be food involved, etc. When word came of Duy’s garage sale idea, we were all immediately on board—so were the students involved with the International student group, VOICE, SFER, Chinese Culture Club, Swing Club, and the Olaf Dance Team.

Everything that was on sale at the Thrift Shop was donated. Whether students put it in their dorm lounges last spring, or brought things back after fall break, Duy and all of his volunteers quickly had an amazing about of stuff to sift through, price, and display. Prices were decided based on item, size, and quality, but remained very cheap throughout the entire collection. There were fur-coats priced from $8-15, jeans at $3, and cooking supplies all costing $1. While there were people who left the event short of $20, they also left with many new items. And bonus! All the leftover items were donated to local organizations in Northfield.

In total, the Thrift Shop brought in revenue of $1,338! This money was then dispersed amongst the volunteering clubs and organizations depending on the amount of time they spent helping. However, that still allowed each organization to earn between $134-201. Duy is definitely the mastermind behind the success of The Thrift Shop, and is the one to thank if you love your new purchases!