As many students have noticed, SustainAbilities is a brand new, student led program on campus this fall. A SustainAbility Representative for each hall is busy planning events, organizing, and emptying compost bins. It is quite a new sight, and it is a step in a new direction for Residence Life at St. Olaf College.

SustainAbilities is not just another student organization. We heartily appreciate the support of all groups on campus, but SustainAbilities is a more than just an extra-curricular;it’s a job, a perspective, a lifestyle, and a duty. We are more excited than ever to bring new programming to Residence Halls, but not under the banner of an organization, but rather under the name of St. Olaf College and Residence Life.

What kind of events do we put on? We put on awesome events of course! They are open to everyone from across campus, but we put a special emphasis on lifestyle and living in residence halls. We want to focus your St. Olaf experience and teach sustainable lifestyle skills that will span a lifetime. SustainAbilities seeks to bridge the gap between everyday skills and sustainable teachings for the next generation.

SustainAbilities wants to help students at the most basic levels in their living spaces, not quite the same assimilarly-orientated environmental groups on campus. Environmental Groups are SustainAbilities both want to increase education on campus, but SustainAbilities is specifically focused on Residence Halls, and SustainAbilities is anofficiallyfunded program of Residence Life.

We look forward to a great year increasing sustainable living on campus and working with our fellow students to make the future possible now. We aren’t just stuck in the clouds with our ideas, but grounded with real, effective methods of working with students to make our campus a more sustainable place to live.

Designed by and for the students. SustainAbilities.